Laser Dentistry - Dana Point, CA

The Scalpel-Free Solution Is Here

Minimally Invasive Treatment Through Laser Dentistry

While scalpels remain an important tool in dentistry, technological advancements enable us to perform many procedures without them. With laser equipment we can not only use fewer sharp instruments, we can complete treatments in less time with greater precision—and with less pain, bleeding, inflammation, and sensitivity. Comprised of highly skilled, board-certified general dentists and implantologists, the Dana Point Smiles team is producing exceptional results for patients with our state-of-the-art BIOLASE soft tissue laser system. Many practices still aren’t using this technology, which has revolutionized dental care. Consider us your home for laser dentistry in Dana Point, CA.

Laser Dentistry Advantages

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Minimal pain, bleeding, sensitivity, and swelling
  • No sharp instruments or sutures needed
  • Highly precise treatments
  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter procedures
  • Reduced dental anxiety
  • Less need for anesthesia

Our Laser Dentistry Services

Laser Gum Disease Treatment
If you’re suffering from gum disease, the laser is very effective in multiple aspects of the treatment. Its high-intensity light instantly disinfects as it moves across the treatment area, removing bacteria from beneath your gums and plaque buildup from your tooth roots. If you have untreatable diseased tissue, the laser performs the functions of both a scalpel and sutures, removing the tissue and sealing the treatment site afterward.
Laser Frenectomy
Your frenula are those thin pieces of tissue that anchor your upper lip to your upper gums and your tongue to the floor of your mouth. If your frenula are too short, you may experience difficulties with eating and speaking. Using the laser to remove these restrictive tissues, we can give your mouth full freedom of movement, enabling you to enjoy normal daily life.
Laser Gingivectomy
If one section of your gum tissue is diseased, that infection can spread to the surrounding healthy gum tissue. Though we always attempt to sanitize infected tissue, some tissues don’t respond to treatment and must be removed. With the ultra-precise laser, we can excise the diseased tissue while leaving healthy adjacent tissues untouched.
Soft Tissue Recontouring
Not all laser gum removal procedures are intended to stop the spread of disease; some are purely for esthetic reasons. If you feel you have too much gum tissue over your teeth, you may have what’s called a “gummy smile.” With soft tissue recontouring (also called crown lengthening), we can create a more pleasing balance between your teeth and gums. Using the laser, our team carefully trims select areas of gum tissue away from your teeth, taking great care to retain the natural curved shape around your teeth and ensure gum coverage is consistent across your smile.
Peri-Implantitis Treatment
Dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. While the chances of implant failure are small, that other 2% means it is possible under some conditions. Other health issues as well as poor dental hygiene and smoking are contributing factors. Always brush and floss your teeth as directed and limit or eliminate tobacco use. Peri-implantitis isn’t a problem with the implants themselves—they don’t decay—but with the surrounding supporting structures. The tissue at the base of the implant can become inflamed, deep pockets may form, and the implant may loosen and eventually fall out. We use the laser to eradicate the associated infection before rehabilitating the affected area.

Dislike Scalpels? We Have a Better Way

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