Dental Crowns & Bridges - Dana Point, CA

Chipped or Missing Teeth?

Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence

Do you find that broken or missing teeth are making you reluctant to smile or interact in social situations? We want you to know that you’ll soon be able to smile again with full confidence! Dental crowns and dental bridges provide a cost-effective, reliable way to regain the appearance and function of a complete, healthy smile. The Dana Point Smiles team will customize your crowns and bridges to fit you comfortably and closely match the shade of surrounding teeth for a truly seamless smile. We’re the practice to come to for dental bridges and dental crowns in Dana Point, CA.

Our doctors are exceptionally experienced and skilled in cosmetic dentistry and have been providing exceptional results in the area for many years. We know how to make those cracks, gaps, and other flaws disappear and put a stronger, lasting smile in their place with dental crowns and dental bridges. Both are available as individual treatments as well as part of a comprehensive smile makeover. We invite you to see what these essential dental appliances can do for you now.

I Didn't Think I Could Enjoy Smiling So Much Before My Crowns and Bridge

Restore Broken Teeth with Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a sturdy replacement for the above-the-gums portion of your teeth. While the roots supporting your natural crowns might retain their strength and health, the crowns themselves can be damaged and structurally weak at the same time. Constructed from durable, tooth-colored materials, dental crowns look and function just like the natural kind. You’ll experience little discomfort while we’re putting them in, and once in place, they’ll provide a firm, dependable hold. Dental crowns enable us to:

  • Fix weakened/damaged teeth
  • Reinforce teeth following a root canal
  • Restore worn or misshapen teeth
  • Complete a smile makeover
  • Restore dental implants

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are essentially rows of dental crowns that we use to “bridge” the space left by teeth that have fallen out or have been extracted. We use the healthy natural teeth at each end of the bridge to attach your dental bridges, removing some enamel to make them fit. Once they’re in place, you can begin to enjoy the full chewing and biting power you once had. If you’ve been chewing food on one side of your mouth, you won’t have to any longer! With dental bridges we can:

  • Restore one or more missing teeth
  • Stabilize neighboring teeth
  • Safeguard your natural teeth
  • Strengthen and align your bite
  • Perform a smile makeover
I Was Blown Away with the Results of My Crowns

Regain Your Smile and Your Confidence.

Crowns and bridges may be all you need.