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Eager to Avoid Braces?

Your Path to Straight Teeth Is Clear

Aligned, straight teeth not only give you an attractive smile, they allow for a healthier one. When crooked teeth push against each other, complications can arise—tooth decay, a misaligned bite, and a decrease in self-confidence. At Dana Point Smiles, we offer multiple orthodontic options for straightening teeth. We can fit you with traditional metal braces, an economical, time-tested solution. If you want more discreet treatment with no metal brackets and wires dominating your smile, we can also help you. Clear braces provide the same results but are virtually invisible during treatment. Our doctors are exceptionally trained and skilled in cosmetic dentistry. If you’d prefer a less obtrusive path to straighter teeth, come to us for Invisalign® in Dana Point, CA.

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The Effects of Not Getting Orthodontics

What’s So Great About Invisalign?

  • Subtle teeth straightening
  • Metal-free solution
  • Comfortable, durable plastic aligners
  • Easy removal for meals and maintenance
  • Reliable, custom fit
  • Fewer food restrictions
  • Unimpeded speech
  • Enhanced confidence

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Your Smile Straightened to Your Specifications

Available on its own or as part of a smile makeover, Invisalign offers a truly unique treatment experience. While many types of braces reliably straighten teeth, giving you a healthier, more confident smile, Invisalign also makes you feel good during treatment. You know your teeth are getting straighter, but no one will even notice while it’s happening. They will notice the outcome of your treatment, however. Made possible through clear plastic aligners, Invisalign’s impressive, predictable results are unmistakable. The process of getting you started with Invisalign is also different …

Our team uses our intraoral camera to take digital impressions of your teeth instead of filling your mouth with messy putty. That’s an advantage not all practices offer. We send these impressions off to have aligners created from them. These aren’t off-the-shelf templates—they’re created specifically to fit you. While undergoing treatment, you’ll wear these customized aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, taking them out only to eat or to brush and floss your teeth. Every one to two weeks you’ll use a new set of aligners as your teeth progressively move into proper alignment. By the end of your treatment, you’ll have the beautifully straight smile you’ve been wanting! 

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