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Single & Multiple Dental Implants - Dana Point, CA

Missing Tooth to Full Smile in a Day

Dental Implants Restore Your Smile and More

Even a single missing tooth can make you become self-conscious about your smile around others. In addition to the unsightly gap, you may also experience difficulties eating and speaking. No matter if you’ve lost one tooth or many, dental implants are what you need to regain your confidence and overall quality of life. Dental implants provide the look, feel, and function of real teeth, yet they never develop cavities or stains. They’re the best way to reclaim a smile you can be proud of. We’ve changed the lives of many patients with even a single dental implant in Dana Point, CA!

The Dana Point Smiles team is led by highly trained and experienced implant dentists. With our skill, we can replace your self-consciousness with self-confidence, restore your ability to speak comfortably, and enable you to enjoy meals again. By updating our expertise through many hours of ongoing education each year, we’re able to provide treatment using all the latest techniques and technology, making procedures easier on you and producing superior results. Since we offer every aspect of dental implant treatment from one office, we make receiving a restored and functional smile convenient and even more affordable. You can receive everything you need for a complete smile from one office and in just one day.

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What Do Dental Implants Give You?

  • Carefree smiles and laughter
  • Clearer speech
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A broader, more satisfying diet
  • A healthier mouth overall

Don't Let Your Oral Health Drop, Dr. Shalaby Discusses How Dental Implants are the Long-Term Solution

Our Three-Phase Restoration Process

Phase 1: Consultation and Assessment
If you’re seeking dental implants—just one or many of them—your first step is coming here for a free, personalized consultation. Our doctors will discuss your smile goals, perform a full dental health assessment, and take 3D images of the proposed treatment area with our low-radiation cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner. Using all of the data we collect, we can determine if you’ll immediately be a candidate for implants or will need some other treatments first. If you’ve lost jawbone mass, you’ll need bone grafting, including possibly a sinus lift or ridge augmentation, before your jaw can support implants.

During this process we may be able to use what’s called a surgical stent to measure your jawbone height and width. This handy tool, made by Anatomage, can later be converted into a surgical guide. During your implant placement, it will allow us to complete the procedure with the greatest of accuracy. Another possibility is tooth extractions if you have some decayed teeth that you want replaced with dental implants. These will make room for your healthy replacement teeth. After we determine all of these factors, we can plan and schedule your implant placement procedure.
Phase 2: Guided Implant Placement and Same-Day Restoration
Before we begin your procedure, we’ll make you comfortable with one or a combination of sedation options. With IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), and local anesthesia available, we can keep you pain-free and stress-free throughout your treatment. Once you’re sedated, we can perform any of those preliminary treatments, if needed. With those out of the way, we’ll move on to your actual implant placement.

We first place your customized surgical guide over the treatment areas. This guide will have holes in it that correspond precisely to where the implants need to be placed. Our team will insert the implants through the surgical guide holes and into your jawbone. The guide also helps control the insertion angle and depth, providing a comfortable, stable fit for the implants—and a quicker procedure overall. We use implants made by Implant Direct and Straumann—manufacturers known for their exceptional quality. In most cases, we’re also able to place temporary crowns or bridges (for multiple adjacent teeth) on your implants so you can receive a complete smile in just one day!
Phase 3: Your Final Restorations and Beyond
Your gums and jawbone should take four or more months to heal. During that time your implants will permanently fuse with your jawbone, a process called osseointegration. You should be able to eat and speak comfortably throughout your recovery. You’ll then return here to have your final restorations put in. Whether crowns or bridges, they’ll fit you perfectly, because they were made just for you. They’ll also match your existing healthy teeth in color and shape, for a completely natural and healthy look. With your final restorations in place, you can enjoy everything you did before you lost teeth!

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A Full Smile Can Be Affordable

We recognize that most of our patients aren’t able to pay for dental implants all at once. Because we want you to enjoy the quality of life they provide, we offer some options that will enable you to pay for your treatment in installments. CareCredit®, a major third-party financing company, enables you to divide your treatment costs into small, manageable monthly payments. In addition, we offer an in-house financing option to those who don’t qualify for third-party financing. Think a dental implant in Dana Point, CA is out of your reach? Come for a consultation and we’ll discuss your options!

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